Wallenstein | Cosmic Century (1973)

Recorded in 1973 @ Studio Dierks, Stommeln

Jürgen Dollase (piano, mellotron, synth, vibraphone, lead vocals)
Harald Grosskopf (dr, perc, phased hi-hat)
Dieter Meier (bass)
Bill Barone (guitar)
Joachim Reiser (violin)

First released in 1973 on Ohr Kosmische Musik KM 58.006
CD marketed by bernhard mikulski schallplatten vertriebs gmbh

T r a c k  L i s t i n g:

1. Rory Blanchford [09:25]

2. Grand Piano [02:11]

3. Silver Arms [09:40]

4. The Marvellous Child [06:10]

5. Song Of Wire [07:46]

6. The Cosmic Couriers Meet South Philly Willy [07:24]