SUNYA BEAT | Comin' Soon

Sunya Beat | Comin' Soon (2006)

Music by Baltes, Grosskopf, Heilhecker.
Live-recordings of great concerts at
Herzberg-Festival, Ricochet Gathering Poland,
E-Live Eindhoven Netherlands

Steve Baltes (keyb, loops)
Harald Grosskopf (keyb, dr, perc)
Axel Manrico Heilhecker (guitar, loops)

Released on CD 2006 by Phonokultur and Herzbergverlag.
Re-released on 23.03.2007.

Also available on Double-LP. The LP contains two bonus-tracks:
“Herzberg Anthem” & “Voodoo Chile”

The first release on CD contains some mastering faults.

T r a c k  L i s t i n g:

1. Am Anfang [04:08]

2. Bond's Off [06:21]

3. Lys Trois [09:41]

4. Sierra Nostra [10:36]

5. Landmarke 3 [14:57]

6. Skies Unlimited [09:44]

7. Delhi Slide [12:30]

8. Gamma Weg [08:41]