Harald Grosskopf | World Of Quetzal

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Recorded @ Brachelshof-Studio, Oberempt
Produced, arranged and mixed by C. Hausmann for CMS Music,
mastered by Radu Marinescu @ Studio “N”, Cologne

Harald Grosskopf (keyb, perc, voc)
Christoph Hausmann (synth, sampl.)
Martin Stark (synth, piano)

Cover design: Harald Grosskopf

Released on CD in 1992 by CMS Music GmbH
Re-released in 2007 by MellowJet Records

T r a c k  L i s t i n g:

1. Coatlicue (Mother Earth) [05:39]

2. Titlauacan (Who’s next To The Shoulder) [04:54]

3. Tetzcatlipoca (The Smoking Mirror) [06:03]

4. Tonatiuh (Thursty Sun) [07:28]

5. Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Snake) [09:18]

6. Ixtlilton (Little Black Face) [04:54]

7. Mixcoatl (Cloudsnake) [04:38]

8. Tlalocan (Rainlandparadise) [08:22]

9. Coatlicue (Radio Version) [03:28]