Klaus Schulze | Moondawn (1976)

Recorded, composed, performed and mixed by Klaus Schulze in January 1976 with Harald Grosskopf on drums @ Studio Panne-Paulsen, Frankfurt/Main

Klaus Schulze (synthesizers, The Big Moog)
Harald Grosskopf

Photos: Guido Harari, Milan
Cover: kdm

Official website: www.klaus-schulze.com

First released in 1976 by METRONOME, Hamburg
Re-released in 1995 by MANIKIN RECORDS as
“Moondawn - The Original Master”, MRCD 7009

T r a c k  L i s t i n g:

1. Floating [27:10]

2. Mindphaser [25:34]

3. Supplement [25:22] *)

*) Bonustrack on Manikin CD



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