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phone: 0044(0)7740 621139

• Live @ Stadtgarten Köln, 08.10.2019

Live @ Stadtgarten Köln

• Live @ B-WAVE FESTIVAL 2019, BELGIUM, 09.11.2019
Cultuurcentrum MUZE
Dekenstraat 40, 3550 Heusden-Zolder

Live @ B-Wave Festival 2019

• Honoured by TOMORROW FESTIVAL promotors, Shenzhen / China (future advertisement)

Tomorrow Festival 2019

• Latest releases:

Harald Grosskopf | Naherholung (2016)

Eberhard Kranemann / Harald Grosskopf | Krautwerk (2017)

Harald Grosskopf | Synthesist Reloaded (2018)

Harald Grosskopf


Harald Grosskopf
Synthesist Reloaded

• TRAUMA 2011 - Part 2:

• EMPHASIS 1980 - REMIX "THE BOMB" by Dj Zackey Force Funk:

• Harald Grosskopf - Title "EMPHASIS" - 1980:

• Harald Grosskopf - Title: "B. ALDRIAN":


Harald Grosskopf | HiStory

Harald Grosskopf - Short Biography

Harald GrosskopfHarald Grosskopf was the first drummer and percussionist in the world of electronic music, who accompanied electronically generated melody and bass lines (sequencer) on drums. Grosskopf has lined up in many German Electronic Krautrock formations. He made his name when playing drums for the German Art-Rock band WALLENSTEIN in the early Seventies. During that same period he met TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE and MANUEL GÖTTSCHING's ASH RA TEMPEL, later ASHRA. Grosskopf can be heard on some of early Klaus Schulze albums. With ASHRA he performed on thirteen albums and toured France, England and Japan.

In the late '70s he went to an apartment with his Minimoog and recorded one of the pioneering synth scores (referred to as Cosmic Music) - the album SYNTHESIST, a mind bending journey through undulating rhythmic trippy sonic scapes, way before UNDERWORLD's slippy 90's synth-scrapers. Until now Harald Grosskopf produced seven solo albums, the last, NAHERHOLUNG, was released 2016 on ITUNES. Harald can be heard on more than 100 CD’s/LP’s, of other artists.

In the beginning 2011, SYNTHESIST had its live premiere in New York. Harald was accompanied by Axel Manrico Heilhecker, one of Germanys best guitarists.
On 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, in year 2009, Harald Grosskopf met the Hollywood director Philippe Mora in Berlin. Mora who grew up in Australia, has German-Jewish and French roots. They became friends and decided to produce a film documentary about their different fathers during their time in Nazi Germany. The film with the title GERMAN SONS, premiered in 2011 on the Polish film festival NEW HORIZONTE FILM FESTIVAL 2011 in Wrotslaw, former Breslau. In the beginning of 2013, the film was taken into the NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE AUSTRALIA and successfully screened on the JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL in Melbourne and Brisbane, and received positive resonance.

Recent solo performances took place at Cafe Oto and Hackstock (London), Liverpool, New York, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Paris and Ambient Festival in Gorlice (Poland). 

He is currently collaborating with keyboarder and producer ANDREAS KOLINSKI and MICHAEL WIRTZ on an album called SYNTHESIST RELOADED based on analog synthesizers and several remix participations of international musicians. Together with Andreas Kolinski and musician video artist PATRICK ARNOLD Grosskopf performed sucessfully at INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PSYCHEDELIA 2016 in Liverpool. Further live performances are planned.

Another project is the cooperation with KRAFTWERK co-founder EBERHARD KRANEMANN. In 2017 the album KRAUTWERK was released and a tour through England und Schottland completed.

Below the detailed biography of drummer, composer and producer Harald Grosskopf:


• Live performance at BOOMTOWN FESTIVAL, England, 08.08.2019

Boomtown Festival 2019

Boomtown Festival 2019

Boomtown Festival 2019

Boomtown Festival 2019

• Live at TAGOMAGO Festival, Valencia / Spain, 21.06.2019

Tagomago Festival 2019

Tagomago Festival 2019

Harald  @ Tagomago Festival 2019

Tagomago Festival 2019

• Krautrock DVDs (May 2019) - available on AMAZON:

Krautrock DVD Romantic Warriors IV

Krautrock DVD Romantic Warriors IV Special Features DVD

Krautrock DVD

• Live at Cocktail D`Amore, Griessmühle Berlin, 6 April 2019

Cocktail D'Amore, Berlin 2019


• Live with Krautwerk @ Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen, China, 17.05.2018


Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018

Tomorrow Festival 2018


• Live with Krautwerk @ Finkenbach Festival 2017

Finkenbach Festival 2017

• Meeting Jean-Michel Jarre in Düsseldorf

Jean-Michel Jarre, Harald Grosskopf

• Live with Krautwerk @ Stockholm November 2017

Krautwerk Stockholm 2017


• Interview ELECTROLAND RADIO Danmark MP3

2016 Interview Electroland Radio

• Live at Hackstock event SCI FI FESTIVAL LONDON on 29.04.2016

2016 Sci Fi Festival London

• Philippe Mora teams up with Eric Clapton to make “Three days in Auschwitz” / Harald Grosskopf involved in some parts as behind camera

Three Days in Auschwitz

• Trailer “Three Days in Auschwitz”:

• Meeting the legendary Dieter Dierks after 45 years. Dierks has been sound engineer for so many 70’ Krautrock acts and most electronic bands from Berlin like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel (Ashra) and Cosmic Couriers.

Harald Grosskopf, Dieter Dierks

PSYCHEDELIC LIVE EVENT | SYNTHESIST - FOUR DECADES* (Drums, Percussion = Harald Grosskopf, Keyboards and Live Edit = Andreas Kolinski, 3D-Mapping Video Projections = Patrick Arnold). There were two performances at 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm on April 9th, 2016 at Schloss - Burg / Chapel, Schlossplatz 2, 42659 Solingen. * The event was filmed and live broadcasted in virtual reality (VR) (360° cameras by SPHERES VR - LONDON

• Ralph Baumgartl YouTube Blog interviewing Harald Grosskopf

Interview Ralph Baumgartl

Interview with RESONANCE FM LONDON / Interviewer: Henry Scott Irvine

Interview with Resonance FM London

Interview for SOUNDUNDVISION Radio

Interview for Soundundvision Radio

• Album Naherholung released on itunes

Harald Grosskopf | Naherholung

• Live @ International Festival Of Psychedelia Liverpool, England 2 February 2016

International Festival Of Psychedelia 2016

International Festival Of Psychedelia 2016
Photo by Goodbody

Interview for REFLECTIVE NOISE FM / Austin Texas USA

Interview Reflective Noise FM


• Visiting Internationales Film Festival Oldenburg

Internationales Film Festival Oldenburg

• Participation in the Electric City Conference - Düsseldorf

Electric City Conference

Harald @ Electric City Conference Düsseldorf
Photo by Hajo Liese

• Live at the SHACKLEWELL ARMS LONDON / Club gig on 10.08.2015

Shacklewell Arms London

• Live at AMBIENT FESTIVAL 2015 / Gorlice, Poland on 10.07.2015

Ambient Festival 2015

Ambient Festival 2015
Photo by Alex Leonard

• Live at BAD VIBES FESTIVAL / London on 28.3.2015

Bad Vibes Festival

• Live at PLANETARIUM BOCHUM / Sound Of Sky on 07.03.2015

Planetarium Bochum 2015

• Live performance @ Gonzai Night, La Maroquinerie, 23 Rue Boyer, Paris 75020 on 28th February 2015, 19:30.

2015 Harald Paris

|  P H O T O S  |

Ambient Festival 2015

Ambient Festival 2015

Ambient Festival 2015

Ambient Festival 2015


• Release party / Live solo performance @ “The Waiting Room”, 175 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 0LH, on 18th April 2014.

This was a launch-party for the release of a debut single, a cooperation between HARALD GROSSKOPF and STANDARD PLANETS. See also: “No Fear Of Pop” and “Dots & Dashes”.


GERMAN SONS on the Australian AUDI FESTIVAL FOR GERMAN FILMS 2013 30.04. - 12.05.2013 / Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth - Brisbane - Newcastle - Byron Bay

GERMAN SONS has been recorded in NATIONAL FILM & SOUND ARCHIVE, Australia


• Harald made the music for Philippe Mora’s film “Continuity”, which had its premiere in July 2012.

• Interview with music magazine I-CRATES

• Harald Grosskopf + Axel Heilhecker live @ Ambient 2012 Festival, Gorlice, Poland on 13.07.2012, 21:00.

• Manuel Göttsching & Ashra in concert @ Ufa-Fabrik, Berlin, on 08.06.2012, 20:00 Open Air Bühne.

• BELGIUM feat. Harald Grosskopf live performance @ “Conny’s Come In”, Boisheim / Viersen on 04.05.2012, 20:00.


• The film documentary “German Sons” produced by Philippe Mora and Harald Grosskopf has been finished and had its premiere @ New Era Film Festival, Poland, in July 2011. Watch the trailer below:

• Philippe Mora interview @ Wroclav Horizonte Film Festival 2011:

Unsound Festival New York 2011The USA Live premiere at Le Poisson Rouge - New York

Harald Grosskopf performed at the UNSOUND Festival on April 08, 2011 for the first time his cult album SYNTHESIST live. Special guest on stage: Axel Heilhecker. Pic, Pic04.

Harald Grosskopf live - on Sunday, April 10, 2011 @ legendary WFMU radio station, New York. Special guest Axel Manrico Heilhecker (git & looping machine ).
So weit, so gut Listen @ WFMU
B. Aldrian Listen @ WFMU
1847 - Earth Listen @ WFMU
Trauma Listen @ WFMU
Transcendental Overdrive Listen @ WFMU
Interview with Harald and Axel Listen @ WFMU

• Video on live recording at WFMU Radio Station in NYC 2011 produced by Axel M. Heilhecker:

Europe live premiere of the cult album SYNTHESIST on the E-Day Festival April 16th, 2011. Harald performed together with Udo Hanten, Axel Heilhecker and Jürgen Kleine.

SYNTHESIST has been re-released on Vinyl in February 2011. Also, there is a bonus CD with remixes done by others (see this page for details).


• Harald’s new album SYNTHESIST 2010 has been released on MellowJet Records.

• Harald produced the music score for the documentary film “German Sons” by director Philippe Mora. background story...

• Live performance at CASABLANCA Cinema, Krefeld, Germany, on 09.10.2010, 22:30

• Live performance at Rathaus Schöneberg, Willy-Brandt-Saal, Berlin, on 15.10.2010, 20:00


• Harald has been one of the prominent laudatory speakers at the Schallwelle award presentation, which took place for the very first time on 21 March 2009.

• Harald wrote a tour report concerning the last Ashra Performance @ Metamorphose Festival in Japan 2008. Read the report here (in German).

Sonic Curiosity published a review regarding the Sunya Beat CD release The Jelenia Gora Sessions.


• Live Solo Performance “Cyber Metals” @ art exhibition “HEAVY METAL - Die unerklärbare Leichtigkeit eines Materials” @ Kunsthalle Kiel on December 07, 2008.

• Ashra CDs Belle Alliance plus, Correlations Complete and @shra + @shra Vol. 2 released on MG.ART.

• Harald Grosskopf played live @ ELECTRONIC CIRCUS in Bielefeld on September 20, 2008 with guest musician Bernhard Wöstheinrich. Watch the interview with Harald by Stefan Erbe:

• Ashra live performance @ Japanese “Metamorphose” festival in Shuzenji, near Mount Fuji, in front of 30.000 expected visitors on August 23, 2008. > tour report (in German).

• Harald Grosskopf feat. Steve Baltes and Axel Heilhecker performed live @ The German EM Festival “Satzvey Castle 2008” on April 19, 2008. Read the full review here (in German only).

• Found on Youtube - Gomera Sunset Drumming with Harald:


World Of Quetzal has been re-released by MellowJet Records.

• Album “Two Moon Music” by Fishmoon (Axel Heilhecker) has been released by Phonokultur and Herzbergverlag. Harald played the trash drums on tracks one & four. details...

• A Burg Herzberg Festival compilation - “Electric Milkandhoneyland” - has been released at Herzbergverlag. It contains a track by Sunya Beat from 2001. more...


Lüül's memoirs

• Sunya Beat - Comin’ Soon released by Phonokultur and Herzbergverlag. The album contains live recordings of great concerts at Herzberg-Festival, Ricochet Gathering Poland, E-Live Eindhoven.

• Lutz Ulbrich (Lüül) from Ashra released his adventure-filled, exciting and amusing memoirs printed in a book by publisher Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf (ISBN 3-89602-696-8). Harald is mentioned on pages 133, 143, 146, 177, 178, 182, 185, 207, 242, 272, 273, 319, 323, 331, 333, 350, 351, 360 and 403.

• On the occasion of this book release, there was a session with long -standing friends and 40 musicians (Lüül All Star Band) at the “Quasimodo”, Berlin’s legendary jazz club, on April 20, 2006. concert poster

17 Hippies CD feat. Marc Ribot and Jakob Ilja (Elements Of Crime) has been released on 03 February 2006. This record contains the WDR radio event from December 2004. more...


• Sunya Beat: THE JELENIA GORA SESSIONS Info released, containing live-recordings from ‘Ricochet Gathering’ Poland (2004). Read a review here.

• Interview: The Online Music Magazine Mouvement Nouveau asked 15 questions to Harald Grosskopf

• N-Tribe: TOWER OF POWER re-released on Groove Unlimited

N-Tribe | Tower of Power

Sunya Beat | The Jelenia Gora Sessions (2005)


• Harald’s fifth solo album YETI SOCIETY released on GROOVE UNLIMITED. The CD contains 2 Quicktime® movies, Quicktime® player and wallpapers for MAC and PC. A limited DVD edition of YETI SOCIETY was also available.

• 17 HIPPIES PLAY GUITAR - feat. MARC RIBOT event @ Stadtgarten Cologne, broadcasted live by WDR/Funkhaus Europa on 19 December 2004

4x3 (Four Times Three) re-released on Groove Unlimited

• Live act with Sunya Beat @ E-Live 2004 Festival, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

• Sunya Beat live at ‘Ricochet Gathering’ Festival in Jelenia Gora (Poland)

• Sunya Beat live at Herzberg Festival in Wilhelmstal (Germany)

• “Zeit-zu-Leben” seminar in Coesfeld

• Harald became father! His wife Anke gave birth to twins, Sky and Beck, on 19 March 2004. Click here to take a look of these chubby cherub’s...

OCEANHEART re-released on Groove Unlimited


Sunya Beat live act @ original culture scene - a garage, near Mainz on 27 September 2003. A review of the event was published by “Allgemeine Zeitung” click here... (German only...)

• TV appearance @ comedy show OLM!, acting as a Hippie taking guitar lessons. See Harald once more on TV

• Live act with N-Tribe @ the opening of Mischa Kuball’s “Seven Virtues”, Diözesanmuseum, Limburg/Lahn,  18 July 2003

N-Tribe live performance @ Club 16 Tons, Moscow > Tour Report

• Harald got married to his longstanding girlfriend Anke Harald got married!

• Recording sessions with Steve Baltes for new solo CD

• Drumming workshop in Coesfeld 01 to 07 August 2003 more...

|  P H O T O S  |

Harald got married

Harald got married...

Russian monestary

At the Red Square


Low Budget Office


TV Set

Steve at Red Square



• TV appearance in comedy show OLM! on RTL (more...)

• Fourth solo album released on AMP Records: DIGITAL NOMAD

Interview with Krautrock Towers

• Drumming with Harald @ 38th Zeit zu Leben workshop, Coesfeld/Germany (more...)

• Performance with N-Tribe @ Kunstwerkhof, Bad Rappenau

• Drum Making workshop on Greek Island Corfu (more...)

• Release of Compilation CD First Decade 1992 - 2002 , on the occasion of 10th anniversary of Manikin Records containing an old track by Harald from 1976

Ashra CD releases: THE MAKING OF (on 3CDs - see also entry below) and @shra Vol.2 (Live in Japan - Vol. 2) both on MG.Art

|  P H O T O S  |

Harald Grosskopf 2002

Mission Control

Steve, Harald 2002

Harald, Steve 2002

Harald at his studio


London, 2002

Harald and Steve in London

The Making Of / Correlations ' 78

Berlin 1977It was my first year in Berlin. For the production of „Correlation“, that was suppose to be made in summer 1978, we were looking for rooms to be able to prepare ourselves undisturbed for this event. By accident we discovered the old former UFA-Film-Studios in Berlin -Tempelhof. I still remember that old morbid ground, where a few years’ later people moved in to demonstrate for an alternative life style.

Walking along there caused mixed feelings for me. Exactly at this point only 50 years ago, numerous films were produced under the most intolerant eyes of the Nazis secretary of promotion and culture Joseph Goebbels.

It’s hard to believe. Most of these rotten buildings looked more like shacks, unspectacularly small in small. Above all, they were not glamorous at all. Here all the stars like Heinz Rühmann, Hans Moser, Zarah Leander, Hans Albers and lots of other big UFA-Stars must have walked around and got involved in many films that helped the Nazis to erase the terror of war out of peoples mind. The whole scene seemed to me very bourgeois and appropriate for such small minded times. Our rehearsal room was perhaps some sort of reception hall. It had lots of glass, penetrated by big round rising stairs. Perhaps the notorious fuehrer had stood exactly here on this ground during film premier parties, eating his vegetarian snacks, making small talk with highly ranked Nazi leaders, movie stars and starlets.

During break times my curiosity again and again pushed me into neighbouring rooms of that bright, relatively huge building. Most doors were broken. Under tumbled racks lay open film boxes and other relics of wars end and the chaos.

We set up our then quite sparse equipment in that foyer and had, even in this dark historical environment a lot of fun. I hope our music had some cleansing effect on these grounds.

For our needs, so as to have musical and technical control, to be able to listen to ourselves, we set up a REVOX tape recorder and one dynamic microphone at some distance. The mono recordings of those sessions contain that charm of innocence. That might be due to the fact that we had no intention to publish it ever.

Harald Grosskopf - April 2001


• Sunya Beat performance in front of 30,000 listeners @ BURG-HERZBERG Festival, Germany

Sunya Beat on stage

• CD released: 4 x 3 (Four Times Three) with music by Steve Baltes, Harald Grosskopf and Axel Manrico Heilhecker

• Release of compilation CD: Music For The 3rd Millenium with new single track “Digital Nomad” on AMP Records, London

• Live performance @ marketing event “SAP for Small Business” (arranged by Deutsche Telekom and other companies) in October 2001

• Travelling Thailand and India

|  P H O T O S  |

Thailand 2001

Thailand 2001

Thailand 2001

Harald in action 2001

Sunya Beat 2001

Sunya Beat 2001

Sunya Beat 2001


• Music for Mischa Kuball’s art event “Yellow Marker” performed live by Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf @ locations in Boenen and Rossenray > released on N-Tribe CD: Yellow Marker

The left image shows a night shot from Mischa Kuball’s permanent light installation @ industrial area Bönen

Sunya Beat live @ Millenium Festival, Altenburg (Germany)

• Release of N-Tribe’s 4th Maxi-EP: The God Of Drumming @ Overdose label made in Frankfurt

• US-Tour with Phonoroid in Santa Fe / New Mexico

• Travelling USA / New Mexico , Utah (Monument Valley)
Arizona (Grand Canyon)

|  P H O T O S  |

Axel Heilhecker, USA 2000

Axel and Vanessa, USA 2000

Grand Canyon 2000

Grand Canyon 2000

In Bangkok

Indian Mesa 2000

Monument Valley, USA 2000

Switzerland 2000


At Burg Herzberg Festival 1999

• Performance with N-Tribe for Mischa Kuballs art exhibition Genesis, Carmelite Church with “seven virtues”, Munich/D

• Live act with Sunya Beat @ Burg-Herzberg Open Air

• Release of the limited CD  SPRACH-PLATZ-SPRACHE , produced by Harald Grosskopf for book edition/art catalogue: “Mischa Kuball - Sprach Platz Sprache” by Bernd Kaufmann & Ulrich Krempel, Reihe Cantz Ostfildern - Weimar, Europäische Kulturhauptstadt 1999

• Release of Phonoroid CD: NOT ON THE MAP

• Recording session with Andreas Ludwig and others, e.g. Axel Heilhecker, Stefan Krachten, Jaki Liebezeit > CD CALLINGS OF THE NIGHT

• Recording session with 17 Hippies > CD: WER IST DAS?

• Second Sunya Beat CD released: DELHI SLIDE

SYNTHESIST re-released on Think Progressive

• Travelling India

|  P H O T O S  |

The 17 Hippies

Axel Heilhecker

Axel, Sunya Beat 1999

Axel M. Heilhecker

With Sunya Beat 1999

Steve Baltes 1999

Steve Baltes


• Foundation of Sunya Beat with Axel Manrico Heilhecker, release of CD debut: SUNYA BEAT

Sunya Beat performance @ Burg Herzberg Festival

• US-Tour with the 17 Hippies (South By South West Festival, Austin/Texas) and several tours in France

• Videoclip production with Phonoroid @ Mojave Desert, California (USA)

• Guest and interview @ Brandenburg’s radio station Radio 1 hosted by Olaf Zimmermann & broadcasted on 15 June 1998

• CD release of THE BEST OF THE PRIVATE TAPES by Manuel Göttsching containing some rare drum play by Harald

• Third N-Tribe Maxi-EP released: N-TRIBE VOL. 2

• Music for Mischa Kuball’s art event “Tower Of Power”, Hannover, performed by N-Tribe (Harald Grosskopf, Steve Baltes) released on CD TOWER OF POWER

• Recording session with Steve Baltes for Steve’s 2nd solo album: RHYTHM OF LIFE

• Release of the CD @SHRA (Live in Japan - Vol. 1) containing live recordings from the Ashra Japan Tour ‘97

|  P H O T O S  |

Lutz Ulbrich 1998

Axel M. Heilhecker

Phonoroid 1998

In Austin, 1998

On Route 66, USA

Skipping tour 1998

Eindhoven (NL) 1998

Clay Drum 1998

Clay Drum 1998

Space Shuttle 1998


In Japan 1997

Ashra Japan Tour @ locations in Tokyo and Osaka > Tour Report

• Germany Tour with Phonoroid

• Live performance with Phonoroid @ Fete De La Musique Festival, Berlin

• Live act with Ashra @ KLEMdag97 Electronic Festival in Nijmegen, Holland on 11 October 1997 > released on CD: SAUCE HOLLANDAISE (1998)

Ashra live performance @ Burg Herzberg Open Air, attended by 22,000 spectators

• Production of the CD: HOLO SYNDROME , released 1997 as an N-Tribe side project by Harald Grosskopf and Steve Baltes

N-Tribe live performance @ Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf

• Release of the second N-Tribe Maxi-EP: N-TRIBE VOL.1

• Travelling India

|  P H O T O S  |

ART Harald 1997

ASHRA - Herzberg 1997

ASHRA 1997

At Herzberg Festival 1997

Herzberg  1997

Harald, Luul - 1997

At Burg Herzberg Festival 1997

Harald, Manuel - Herzberg 1997

Steve Baltes - Herzberg 1997

Herzberg 1997

India 1997

India 1997

More pictures


• Foundation of N-Tribe with Steve Baltes (Cyclone Tracy), release of the first Maxi-EP: PHREAKWAVES

• 6 CD set by Manuel Göttsching released, on THE PRIVATE TAPES VOL. 1 you can hear Harald partly on drums

Ashra CD sampler released: SUNRAIN - THE VIRGIN YEARS

• Live act with Phonoroid @ Rhenania Festival Cologne, “Homage to Nico”, arranged by Stefan Krachten and film producer Susanne Ofterdinger


• CD-ROM STADTGARTEN-LIVE released containing live recordings of the same named radio session with Bernd Kistenmacher @ WDR in 1991

• Recording session with Steve Baltes @ Realistic Studio > CD released: PICTURES IN RHYTHM

• Recording session with Mind Over Matter @ QUASAR Studio > CD released: PALACE OF THE WINDS


• Live act @ Universe - The Tribal Gathering ‘94 on old airport Munich Riem, 1st October 1994 in front of 25,000 ravers - with Paul Alexander Schulte (drums, Earth Nation, Eye Q)

• Recording session with Oliver Lieb (The Ambush) in Offenbach near Frankfurt am Main > LP/CD released: AMBUSH

Marlon Klein (Dissidenten) from Ambush, 1994

• Live act with The Ambush @ Montreux Jazz-Festival, performed by Oliver Lieb with Marlon Klein, Bas Broekhuis, Markus Richter, Harald Grosskopf, and the dancers Marvin Smith and Bridget Quinn Fearn, accompanied by a pyro-tech show and wicked stage-deko. The event was videotaped:

• The Ambush - Rain - Live @ Montreux Jazz Festival 1994:


• Release of limited CD Edition LILLI BERLIN


• Live act with Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden (>MORE) and Klaus-Hoffmann Hoock @ KLEMdag 1993 in De Vereeniging Hall in Nijmegen (NL) on 20 of  November, in front of more than 1200 spectators

• Release of the compilation CDs ZUKUNFTSMUSIK & REISE NACH INNEN with several solo tracks by Harald Grosskopf

• Travelling Thailand


• Third solo record released on CD: WORLD OF QUETZAL

World Of Quetzal (1992)

• Live act with Ron Boots and Eric van der Heijden @ 3. Klangwelt Festival, Zeiss-Gross Planetarium Berlin 04 April 1992

• Live performance @ ATEM art event, Gallery 55/51, Mönchengladbach

• Travelling Thailand 

|  P H O T O S  |

Thailand 1992

Elephant Ride

Thailand 1992

Koh Lanta 1992

Ko Tao 1992

Ko Tao 1992

Thailand 1992


• Performance with Bernd Kistenmacher @ Stadtgarten Cologne arranged and recorded live by German Radio station WDR. The live recordings were released on CD (Rom) Stadtgarten - Live in 1995

• Live act with Bernd Kistenmacher @ Radio Station RIAS Berlin

• CD collaboration with Bernd Kistenmacher: CHARACTERS recorded @ SONIC System Tonstudio, Berlin

• Live act with Ashra in Cologne in front of the Cologne Cathedral during Rhein’s Cultural Days in cooperation with German Radio station WDR broadcasted live on the evening of 11 May 1991. Klaus Schulze and Blue Chip Orchestra also played on this big event attended by thousands of people. Ashra’s and Klaus’ part were videotaped

• Spontanous concert with Ron Boots, Bas Broekhuis and Klaus-Hoffmann Hoock @ KLEMdag, Breda NL, 21 September 1991

• Travelling Thailand and Greece

|  P H O T O S  |

In Greece, 1991

Thailand 1991


• Live act with Central Europe Performance @ Radio DT64 “electronics” Open Air in Merseburg (former GDR), 1990

• Several live acts with CEP in Berlin & Cologne, arranged by German Radio stations WDR (Cologne) and SFB (Berlin)

• Recording session with Mario Schönwälder for Mario’s second solo CD HYPNOTIC BEATS @ ORPHEUS Studio, Berlin



• Joining the project Central Europe Performance (CEP) by Udo Hanten with Marco Cancian, Albin Meskes, Frank Mevissen and Guests. CD released > BREAKFAST IN THE RUINS (on Erdenklang, 1989)

|  P H O T O S  |

Harald with Bill Bruford, 1987

Harald with Bill Bruford, 1987

Harald at WDR, 1987

Winfried Trenkler (WDR), 1987

Central Europe Performance 1989

Harald 1990

1986 / 85

• Second solo album released: OCEANHEART (1986)

• Performance @ art exhibition “DIE ANDERE EVA” by painteress Barbara Heinisch, Duesseldorf, 1985

Oceanheart (1985)

• Live act with ASHRA @ festival UK ELECTRONICA, Sheffield (GB). Parts of the show were recorded and filmed, but never released.

• Recording session with Ashra for TROPICAL HEAT


• Live performance for art event by Material & Wirkung e. V. @ Pankehallen Berlin, 1984

Portugal 1984


Lilli Berlin 1993

• Live act on Claudia Skoda’s fashion show “Fights-Veits” on 9 October 1983 @ Lichthof Technische Universität Berlin, based on composition for guitar orchestra by Manuel Göttsching & performed by:

Manuel Göttsching (guitar), Lutz Ulbrich (guitar), Harald Grosskopf (drums), F. J. Krueger (guitar > guitar player of the famous German band IDEAL), and DJ Zak Preen (percussion)

• Recording session with Lilli Berlin > LP released: HUH HUH

• Several single releases with Lilli Berlin: OLD SHATTERHAND DEIN T-SHIRT BRENNT / GELACHT / NIKOTIN

• 7” single release TRUE LOVE (Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly) performed by Lilli Berlin and Jürgen Zeltinger


• Second LP with Lilli Berlin: SUESS UND ERBARMUNGSLOS

• 7” single release with Lilli Berlin: LIEBE IST WAS GROSSES

• 7” single release with Lilli Berlin: OSTBERLIN-WAHNSINN

• Recording session with Erich Virch for LP ALLTAGSWAHNSINN @ Lilli Berlin Studio


• Lutz Ulbrich’s first solo album released: LÜÜL feat. Nico, Harald Grosskopf and Christoph Franke

• Film music with Manfred Opitz for movie “Deutschland Bleiche Mutter” directed by Helma-Sanders Brahms, 1981

Harald 1981


• First solo record: SYNTHESIST on Sky Records

• Recording session with Stefan Waggershausen >LP HALLO ENGEL @ AUDIO TONSTUDIO, Berlin

Synthesist (1980)

Joachim Witt - Silberblick

Klaus Schulze - Live

• Recording session with Lilli Berlin @ DELTA Tonstudios, Brokdorf > album released: LILLI BERLIN (1980, re-released on CD in 1996) & Lilli Berlin: LIMITED EDITION (LP 1980)

• Foundation of German New Wave Band Lilli Berlin by Lilli Berlin & Jürgen Barz (Insterburg & Co.) with Harald Grosskopf (drums) and Manfred Opitz (keyb)

• Studio production with Joachim Witt for LP SILBERBLICK @ INNERSPACE Studios, Cologne

• Live performance with Klaus Schulze (track ‘Sense’ @ Meta Musik Festival, Berlin 1976) released on KS Double-LP ...LIVE... (1980)

1979 - 1978

• Recording session 1979 with Ashra for BELLE ALLIANCE (1980)

• Recording session 1978 with Ashra in Berlin for CORRELATIONS - see also ‘The Making of Correlations’ above > LP/CD released on VIRGIN

• Recording session with Klaus Schulze @ Studio Panne-Paulsen in Summer 1978 > Double-LP released: “X.” (1978), the 10th solo album by KS

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Manuel Goettsching 1977

Luul, 1977

London 1977

Harald  1979

1977 - 1976

• Touring with Manuel Göttsching and Lutz Ulbrich as Ashra through Switzerland, France and Belgium (over 20 shows)

• Harald Grosskopf and Lutz Ulbrich joining Manuel Göttsching for an open air concert @ London’s Regents Park on 14 August 1977 on the occasion of the Virgin release of New Age Of Earth by Manuel Göttsching / Ash Ra Tempel in 1977

• Record release: BODYLOVE VOL. 2 (1977) by Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze - Moondawn

Klaus Schulze - Bodylove

Klaus Schulze - Bodylove 2

• Live performance with Klaus Schulze @ Meta Musik Festival, Berlin Nationalgalerie on 05 October 1976 (see also track “Sense” on KS record “...Live...” from 1980)

• Recording sessions with Klaus Schulze @ Studio Panne-Paulsen, Frankfurt/Main, 1977/76 > LPs released: BODYLOVE (1977) and MOONDAWN (1976)

1975 - 1973

Wallenstein 1972• Recording session with Wallenstein for LP STORIES, SONGS AND SYMPHONIES (1975)

• Several recording sessions with The Cosmic Jokers @ Studio Dierks > LPs released: COSMIC JOKERS and PLANETEN SIT IN (1974)

Parts of these sessions were remixed & overdubbed later @ Studio Dierks and released 1974 on compilation LPs (see also the RECORDS for details...)

• Several tours with Wallenstein (Classic Rock) all over Europe, TV Appearances in France, Austria and Switzerland

• Live act with Wallenstein @ German Rock Festival Krefeld, 16 September 1973

• Studio recordings with Wallenstein > LP COSMIC CENTURY (released in 1973)

• Recording session @ Studio Dierks with Ash Ra Tempel > LP STARRING ROSI (1973)

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Harald, 1973

Wallenstein 1973

Wallenstein 1973

Wallenstein 1974

Bill Barone in 2003

The former members of Wallenstein today

1972 - 1971

• Recording session @ Studio Dierks with The Cosmic Jokers & Walter Wegmüller for LP TAROT (released in 1973)

• Recording session with Wallenstein in Summer 1972 > LP MOTHER UNIVERSE @ Studio Dierks, Stommeln

• Recording session with Wallenstein members joining (Bernd) Witthüser & (Walter) Westrupp on LP BAUER PLATH @ Studio Dierks in 1972

• First recording session with (now:) Wallenstein @ Studio Dieter Dierks, Stommeln near Cologne, in the end of 1971 > LP released: BLITZKRIEG (1972)

• Foundation of the German rockband Blitzkrieg by Jürgen Dollase in late Autumn 1971 - with Harald Grosskopf (drums), Bill Barone (guitar) and Jerry Berkers (bass). The provoking band name changed later into Wallenstein for legal reasons.

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Bill Barone 1971

Harald, 1971

Juergen Dollase, 1971

Harald stoned

Wallenstein 1972

Wallenstein 1972

Harald 1972

Harald in action 1972

1968 - 1965

• Joining Rudolf Schenker and his Scorpions for some months in 1967. The Scorpions were completely unknown at that time and became a big hard rock band in the 80s

• Start as drummer playing Beat Music with first band The Stuntmen - Lots of weekend gigs

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The Stuntmen 1967

Harald 1966

Harald Grosskopf, 1967


On drums 1967

Bill's Band in 1967

Harald's first car!




Born in Hildesheim (23 October 1949)

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With Rudolf Schenker 1952






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