Klaus Schulze | X (1978)

Recorded in Summer 1978 @ Studio Panne-Paulsen, Frankfurt.
All titles composed, arranged, performed, mixed and produced
by Klaus Schulze.

Klaus Schulze (synthesizer, sequencer)
Harald Grosskopf
Wolfgang Tiepold (cello on “Kleist”)

Art-Direction, Concept, Coordination, P.R., Light
and Cover by K. D. Mueller, 1974-78

Photos: Blanche, Guido Harari, kdm and others

More info: www.klaus-schulze.com

Released on 2LP in September 1978 by Metronome, Hamburg
Re-released on 2CD by Metronome Musik GmbH, Hamburg

T r a c k  L i s t i n g:

CD 1

1. Friedrich Nietzsche [24:15]

2. Georg Trakl [05:25]

3. Frank Herbert [10:47]

4. Friedemann Bach [18:02]

CD 2

1. Ludwig II. von Bayern [28:40]

2. Heinrich von Kleist [29:32]



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